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This travel blog is a collection of some of the popular travel destinations in the US.  These cities were compiled through traveling this amazing country, reading magazines, and searching internet sites.

About Us

We are currently based out of Detroit, MI a city that has taken a beating in the national media, but it is a very nice city to live in. One of the best things about Michigan is the presence of all four seasons of the year.  We have wonderful summers and falls, but the springs and winters are a toss up on how the weather is going to cooperate with your plans.  One thing helps out in the winter is global warming the snow has some what vanished, but spring is a horse of another kind there is always lots of rain and flooding. This city has truly became a wonderful place to live in with countless restoration projects in every part of the city. From casinos, ballparks, and restaurants Detroit is coming alive in every aspect and for every type of visitor imaginable. 

Founder And Co-Founder

David Johnson founded this blog after numerous years in the travel blogging business.  He discovered that this country is filled with lots of travel destinations that are not highly publicized cities.  David has collaborated with a fabulous engineer for his various blogs about these cities Ripon Hussain who resides in Bangladesh.  He not only publishes David’s blogs, he also has done lots of research on the very topics we are discussing and publishing.  He is a world away from me, but he is definitely a very close friend and brother to me.  I like to call him my brother from another mother.


David was a victim of a carjacking in 1993.  After he was shot twice by the assailant, those bullets left him paralyzed from the waist down as a result.  He has tried his hat on many different jobs and titles since then, but doing travel blogs has come very natural to him as he loves and has a passion for exploring God’s works of art in the nation.  He has traveled to every state in the country and taken notes and numerous pictures to be included in this blog for your review.  While making these trips throughout the country David has to attend dialysis three times a week to remove the toxins from his blood that his kidney’s no longer do since being diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure 15 years ago.  But through it all he preservers and doesn’t let anything get in his way or halt his progress as a writer and blogger.


We have a very impressive team that helps put these blogs in motion.  From our three fabulous virtual assistants that handle a variety of tasks related to our everyday business functions.  Two community coordinators who handle our Facebook and all of the other social media outlets, and finally our production manager who oversees this entire team to ensure a smooth running operation.


We strive to put an emphasis on those forgotten cities around the country.  We have included several of those cities in this blog. These cities have great things to discover for you and your family.  After viewing this blog you will see why we focused on these very overlooked cities around the country.  For access to our blog you can write us at David@thingstodoinusatour.com.


Advertisers, writers, who wish to collaborate in this blog please get in touch with us at David@thingstodoinusatour.com.

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